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We make your data work for you

Coefficient is a data science consultancy that helps businesses run more efficiently by identifying challenging areas, then finding and creating solutions.


Most businesses have heaps of data but no way to turn it into something useful.

If your products aren't selling well, your customers are disengaged or you want to create new products or services, you need to make use of all this stuff filling your hard-drives.

We could develop bespoke tools that help you listen to what your data is telling you, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

Who knows what we could discover, we could find patterns in your users activities, identify unexplored niches, accurately predict stocks, and all specifically catered to your business.

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Data Engineering

By sorting and storing potentially useful data sets, filtering out bugs, cleaning them up, we can discover how useful they are. We build dashboards, tools, and plugins allowing you and your team to oversee your data cleanly. This includes:

  • Analying data for integrity

  • Readying data for accurate analytics

  • Data architecture design

  • Cloud database integration

Machine Learning

By bringing together many unique data sets which may not usually used in data analysis, we can make important decisions. Like predicting stock returns, financial markets, or discover which horse is best for breeding. Applications include:


Workshops & Conferences

I’ve spoken at large meetups, on panels and in conferences about developing data driven machine learning techniques. I've trained accountants to code, enabling them to automate most of their work.

I am currently a Data Science Instructor for General Assembly’s 11-week Data Science Course.

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John Sandal

Data Science Consultant

Over the years, John has added a number of strings to his bow. Statistician, geneticist, business analyst, startup founder, software developer, educator, non-profit strategist, data scientist, multi-instrumentalist!

Until recently he was the Lead Data Scientist at YPlan. Prior experience includes business analytics at Apple Inc., genomics research at Imperial College London, building an ed-tech startup at Knodium.